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You're a werewolf kid working two shifts at once. Make sure you look the part when you serve the drinks! Humans would freak if they saw a werewolf, and monsters wouldn't be too happy to see a human either... 

Part-Time Werewolf is a game about balancing your transformation between werewolf and human by utilizing the light coming in from the windows.  Balance your time to make sure the customers in each cafe don't see your other side.


Movement Controls:

WASD - Movement

Spacebar - Interact

Culinary Controls:

Spacebar + Holding Ingredient = Throw/Add to Blender

Spacebar + Empty Handed = Activate Blender


Developed by the Spicy Lemon Team for the 2022 Aotearoa Game Jam

Install instructions

1) Extract the folder.

2) Run 'Part-Time Werewolf.exe'


Part-Time_Werewolf.zip 33 MB


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Amazingly polished, fun little Overcooked style gam